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The KISOM kitchen

April 25, 2023

The new kitchen (right) on the KISOM campus

Earlier this year, our brothers and sisters in Kakuma asked if there was any way IAFR could help them build a kitchen on their campus before their April 2023 conference with over 200 pastors and leaders attending. We didn't have any available funding so we prayed together and I made the need known.

The need for a kitchen was real. The poor women who prepared meals there used to do so outside under a small tree over a fire under the burning semi desert sun. They had built a makeshift shelter to store food, but a windstorm blew it away earlier this year.

I am so grateful to our financial partners who made it possible for us to wire the funds to help them build this kitchen in time for the conference.

This part of Africa has been suffering from an extended drought. But the rains came this week. It has been coming down hard. Everyone is thankful for the rains, even though local flooding makes life harder, as will the impending hatch of malaria bearing mosquitoes. But this parched land needs the rains, so no one is complaining.

Several pastors told me today that they don't know what they would have done if they didn't have the kitchen. The women would have been trying to store and prepare food in mud. "It would have been a disaster."

There is still some work to do on the kitchen. The workers will get right on it after the conference wraps up tomorrow.

- Tom Albinson

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