Refugee Medical Assistance

Helping refugees survive and recover from forced displacement

IAFR ASSISTs refugees WITH MEDICAL CARE and pharmaceuticals.

The Need

Many forcibly displaced people have difficulty accessing basic medical care. Their escape from war zones and persecution in their countries of origin are filled with danger. They are often exposed to disease, malnutrition, exposure, contaminated water as well as to prolonged stress and uncertainty. Extended stays in refugee camps, slum communities, tent cities and other holding areas often compound existing health problems and injuries.

While host governments and local, national and international agencies do what they can to help, critical gaps often remain.

The Strategy

IAFR partners with trusted local, national and international agencies to provide strategic medical assistance to communities of forcibly displaced people as this fund enables.

Location Served

The Goal

We aim to raise $30,000 annually to provide medical assistance benefiting refugees, asylum seekers and IDP in the locations we serve.

The Opportunity

If you are have access to high quality, unexpired medical supplies that could be shipped to refugee communities around the world, please let us know.

If you are a medical professional interested in serving in refugee communities, lets talk.

And if you are interested in financially partnering with us in providing medical assistance for refugees, just click the red donate button above.

Impact Update

Since starting this project in 2020, we have sent 60 Humanitarian Medical kits (3 shipments of 20 kits each) filled with badly needed pharmaceuticals to the health clinic in Dzaleka refugee camp. Each kit serves 250 people.

Strategic & Financial Partners

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