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Welcome to the IAFR Toolbox! These tools will help you learn about refugee realities, gain some biblical perspective and learn important principles related to refugee ministry. Please take and use what is helpful. We only ask that you not edit or change any of these resources without permission.

Publications & Media

NEW! The Refugee Highway

When forced to flee their homes, refugees need to find a way to a safe place. There are some well-worn routes in the world that they travel. These paths are the Refugee Highway.

The Highway is paved with tears of loneliness, fear and discouragement. Whatever part of the Highway they travel, refugees are met with the same message: Do Not Enter.

Yet there is hope. God is alive and well on the Refugee Highway.

Watch this powerful 6 minute video to learn more. We hope you will share it with others via social media! You can also download it.

Version: 6/2024 (updated annually in late June/early July.

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The Map of the Refugee Highway

IAFR designed this informative poster to raise awareness about the realities of the Refugee Highway and of our mandate to love the alien as we love ourselves.

Perfect for churches, class rooms, dorm rooms and the office.

How to Get Your Map
Click the map image to download a copy that is perfect for projection and embedding into publications that do not require high resolution printing.

Click here
to download a PDF version of the map (3.2 MB) suitable for normal printing needs.

If you need a higher resolution version to print a full size poster, please contact us and we will make it available to you. The Map of the Highway prints at up to 36" x 27".

The Map companion resources include a discussion guide, credits and source Information. Click below to download your copy now!

Map Companion Resources
Map of the Refugee Highway

Version: 6/2024


Important Perspectives

Refugee Realities FAQ


Answers to common questions about refugees in the world today. How many forcibly displaced people are in the world? What countries host the most refugees? How many refugees are children? And more!

Version: 6/17/2024

Terms of Displacement


Learn the difference between normal migrants and forcibly displaced people along with the meaning of often misunderstood terms including: "refugee", "asylum seeker", "internally displaced persons (IDP)".

Welcoming the Stranger (UNHCR)


An important document related to faith-based ministry engagement among forcibly displaced people published by UNHCR in partnership with World Evangelical Alliance and others.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Drafted in 1948 in response to WW2, the Declaration serves as a guarantor of basic rights for all people. Article 14 states, "Everyone has the right to seek and enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution."

Refugees in the Bible


From beginning to end, Scripture is filled with stories of forcibly displaced people. This document lists some of them along with key references to facilitate learning and discussion.

Best Practices (RHP)


Originally drafted in 2001 at the gathering that formed the Refugee Highway Partnership (RHP), these Best Practices proven their worth in helping Christians serve refugees in life-giving ways.

Christian Witness (WEA)


This brief and insightful document is the fruit of a diverse and international group of Christian leaders as they considered what helpful Christian Witness looks like in the world today.

Refugee Convention


Drafted in 1951 in response to WW2 and ratified by 142 nations, the Convention defines "refugee", the rights of the displaced, and the legal obligations of signature States to protect them.

IAFR Voices

Articles and papers written by IAFR staff related to forced displacement

An Open Letter to the Church
World Refugee Day 2024


Few would argue that forced migration is among the defining issues of the 21st century. In the past 14 years, the number of people forced to flee their homes, and often their homelands, has grown from 43 million to 117 million. In this Open Letter to the Church, Tom Albinson seeks to clarify refugee realities, address misrepresentation and confusion, and off biblical perspective concerning this issue.

Your Kingdom Come - World Refugee Day 2023

The number of people forcibly displaced by hatred and violence has grew by 19 million people between January 2022 and January 2023. The numbers are overwhelming. Jesus' prayer "Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven." is an expression of lament, longing, and hope in our broken world. -by Tom Albinson

What Can We Do? - World Refugee Day 2022


A biblical call to action by IAFR Founder/President, Tom Albinson. Tom gets very practical as he highlights how the Bible is filled with perspective and examples of life-giving refugee ministry. Find out how Reuel, Boaz, Nehemiah, king Artaxerxes, and Jonathan all serve as helpful examples from which we can learn important lessons. -by Tom Albinson

A House Built by Love


David ran for his life in response to persecution by King Saul. Jonathan, the King's son and David's friend, responded to David's displacement in a way that inspired what has become IAFR's Jonathan House ministry. We hope that you will read and be inspired by this compelling paper by SJ Holsteen (IAFR Ministry Leader, Minneapolis - St. Paul.

  • The New Humanitarian
    A trustworthy news source offering insight to policymakers, practitioners and others concerning humanitarian crises in the world.
  • Forced Migration Review
    A resource of the Oxford Refugee Studies Centre informing practice with field-informed research related to forced displacement.

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