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Interview with a US Asylum Seeker

Today is World Refugee Day.

The United Nations established World Refugee Day to keep before us the women, children, and men who have had to flee their homes and countries in search of saftey.

There are more than 82 million people across the globe are forcibly displaced today due to persecution, conflict, and/or gross violations of human rights.

This video features Tim Barnes, IAFR Vice President, SJ Holsteen, IAFR Ministry Leader in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Stephen, a former resident of one of IAFR's Jonathan Houses in the Twin Cities. These houses provide short-term housing for asylum seekers as they wait for the government to process their cases. Most cases well over 18 months to be processed. Listen as Stephen shares his story to gain a firsthand understanding of the challenges facing asylum seekers in the USA.

Spoiler alert! Stephen got asylum and works as a software engineer today.

- Tim Barnes with SJ Holsteen

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A Call to Action

Children in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya

We encourage you to click the image (or click here) to download "A Call to Action", an open letter to the Church by IAFR Founder and President, Tom Albinson, on the occasion of World Refugee Day (June 20th).

In his open letter, Tom underlines the fact that it is not enough for us to simply be aware of the global refugee crisis. We must also take action.

The good news is that we can all play a part in the solution to forced displacement in our world!

Every one of us can pray for refugees. Tom offers some related help to get us started.

We can all also advocate on behalf of refugees. Once again, Tom helps us consider how we can do so.

Some of us can serve refugees as well. Tom points us to the biblical examples of Reuel (aka Jethro), Boaz, Nehemiah, king Artaxerxes, and Jonathan as helpful examples of life-giving ministry among refugees and asylum seekers.

Let's do more than be aware. Let's care.

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