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The Need

There are approximately 11,000 elementary school aged children in Dzaleka Refugee camp, but only about 6,300 (58%) are enrolled in the educational system due in large part to a lack of classroom space. Even with the low percentage of students attending school, class sizes can be more than 150 students to 1 teacher.

The dangers of not attending school for children and youth in the camp are real. Continued education from primary to secondary school limits child labor, sexual exploitation, and child marriage.

The Strategy

Ebenezer Academy is the vision of a group of refugee leaders to address the challenge of education in Dzaleka Refugee Camp.

The need is overwhelming, but our refugee partners refuse to give up as they unwaveringly believe this problem is solvable.

Our strategy is to get behind their leadership, experience, and the trust they have built in the community as educators

Location Served

The Goal

The classroom offers a place of safety, where children and youth build the hope, knowledge, and skills they need to live productive and independent lives.

The classroom is also a place where children from different tribes and nations learn to understand their shared humanity and see the dignity in all people.

We believe such unity can and will help create a peaceful future in the region.


The first phase of construction for the Ebenezer Academy is well underway and great progress is being made on the first two sets of classroom blocks despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to many generous gifts, we have already raised $30,000 for this project, which was our original target for the first phase of the construction. However due to the increase in the cost of construction materials in the current economic climate, we are still looking to raise another $20,000 to help complete the two classroom buildings with the hope of starting classes in January 2023.

You can help raise awareness of this need, pray, and give financially towards the vision of helping support the educational needs of children in Dzaleka Refugee Camp.

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