Northern Colorado

Helping people survive and recover from forced displacement

IAFR Northern Colorado partners with the Body of Christ to accompany people through survival and recovery from forced displacement.

Our Mission

IAFR Northern Colorado accompanies people through survival and recovery of forced displacement as we support existing efforts, make connections with resources, and find creative solutions in collaboration with people who have experienced forced displacement, church communities, and community organizations.

Ministry Context

Since 1980 over 50,000 refugees have resettled in Colorado. This includes secondary migrants who were originally resettled in other states but have since migrated to Colorado. Many refugees who relocate to Colorado come for good paying jobs in agricultural processing plants that require minimum English language skills. Work on dairies and farms draws immigrants and asylum seekers from Central America.

We are collaborating with refugees, churches, and organizations along the Front Range of Northern Colorado. Much of our work is in Ft. Morgan, a town of 11,000 and home to approximately 1,000 East African refugees. Sixty percent of the school population is Latino or Hispanic. The local church is in a unique position to model the beauty of multi-ethnic community and to stand for the value and dignity of every person.


  • Visitation & Hospitality
  • Community Integration
  • English Tutoring
  • Public Advocacy
  • Practical Assistance
  • Pastoral Care
  • Trauma Care
  • Church Training

Needs & Opportunities

  • Long-term Service Opportunities
  • Liaison with Spanish-speaking Churches and Asylum Seekers
  • Community Navigator
  • Short-term Service Opportunities
  • 7-10 Day Interactive Discovery Experience (4-6 persons)
  • 9-12 Month Internships available

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