Helping people survive and recover from forced displacement

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Our Mission

We are partnering with One Heart, a like-minded Greek agency, helping asylum-seekers and refugees survive and recover from forced displacement in Athens.

The ministry of One Heart includes assisting forcibly displaced people with needs related to medical care, shelter, food, baby supplies, clothing and much more (see below).

Ministry Context

Refugees and asylum seekers come to Greece hoping to find peace, safety and a better future. But what they experience upon arrival is more uncertainty and struggle.

Living conditions are crowded. Access to adequate nutrition is limited. They receive little help from the government and relief agencies.They struggle to find a safe place to sleep and a way to feed their families. To make matters worse, the current economic crisis in Greece makes finding work next to impossible.

It is little wonder than many refugees struggle to keep hope alive.


  • Food Distribution
  • Visitation & Hospitality
  • Legal Assistance

Needs & Opportunities

  • Long-term Service Opportunities
  • We need 3 full-time teammates
  • Building Manager
  • Short-term Service Opportunities
  • Medical Professionals

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Medical Care

a refugee baby receives medical care in Athens

In an already overburdened public health system, refugees and asylum seekers are often overlooked. The stress of living in survival mode only exacerbates their health problems.

We have established relationships with a number of local physicians who volunteer their time and expertise to help. We are also building relationships with doctors and medical associations in other countries who join us for short periods.

We are helping meet the medical needs of refugees by:

  • Coordinating & hosting medical clinics
  • Organising appointments
  • Providing translation during doctor appointments
  • Arranging for diagnostic testing & treatment
  • Supplying perscription medications
  • Helping refugees with related transportation needs

Athens Building Remodel

A makeshift rooftop shelter in Athens

The Athens ministry bought this building in 2019 and is remodeling and refurnishing it to serve as the base for their diverse ministries.

Refugees come to Greece via a long and difficult journey, hoping to find a better future for themselves and their children. Instead, they often end up in overcrowded living conditions, with poor nutrition and few medical care options.

Navigating the asylum and aid process in Athens is a huge challenge, and migrants can quickly lose hope. They need a place that focuses on helping make Greece their home—a place that is welcoming, relational, and accessible for all.


A makeshift rooftop shelter in Athens

Refugees in Athens often struggle to find shelter. The need is especially acute when they first arrive and are learning to navigate the process of applying for asylum and aid.

We also offer refugees and asylum seekers temporary assistance with rent, bills and other expenses when these needs arise.

Practical Assistance

Visiting refugee friends in a camp in Greece

As we are able, we also assist refugees and asylum seekers with basic needs such as groceries and baby supplies. We also assist with legal matters.

  • We provide groceries to refugee friends who cannot otherwise afford food.
  • We distribute donated clothing, household supplies and items for small children.
  • We help cover legal fees for some who need assistance with their asylum cases

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