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Working Together for Hope

October 30, 2021

When IAFR began 12 years ago, our first ministry location was the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi.  This was made possible through our friendship with Innocent Magambi and There Is Hope, Malawi (TIH).  Innocent opened the door to Dzaleka and connected us to two refugee churches in the camp.  

Over the years our connections have grown in Dzaleka but our main on the ground partner in Malawi is TIH. Though Innocent has transitioned to a new venture, we continue to walk together with TIH to bring hope to those who have been displaced and those in the villages surrounding the Dzaleka camp. It was a joy to meet with the senior leadership today, to review the work we are doing together, reaffirm our commitment to each other, and to look forward to continued partnership in the future.   

Tim Barnes
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Visiting Ebenezer Academy

October 27, 2021

Today our IAFR team was able to visit the site of Ebenezer Academy on edge of the Dzaleka Refugee Camp. This a project being led by Windows of Hope, with some assistance from IAFR.  Windows of Hope is the vision of one of the pastors with whom IAFR partners.  IAFR seeks to get behind the ideas and dreams of those who have been displaced…and this is one of those projects.  The team leading the project is pictured in the photo…a team that includes both refugees and Malawians.

Many challenges have been experienced by the team during the pandemic, particularly with access to and the rising costs of materials needed to complete the project.  The team is working hard to have the first building completed by the end of January, so the first classes can begin.  

Our hearts were full as we revisited the vision for Ebenezer Academy, which includes a focus on providing education opportunities for girls.  Young girls are often the most neglected and frequently denied the opportunity to go to school.  The school is also focused on bringing both refugees and Malawians together, so they might attend school together.  And finally, the school is looking to make education available for those children who have been orphaned.  

We are so excited to be a part of this project and to help address some of the educational challenges being experienced by both children in the refugee camp and in the surrounding villages.

Tim Barnes
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About IAFR in Dzaleka

IAFR has been serving people in Dzaleka Refugee Camp since 2009. About 50,000 people (mostly women and children) have found temporary refuge here from war, persecution and gross violations of human rights.

We visit Dzaleka 2-3 times annually, during which time this blog is most active.

Visit the Dzaleka page on the IAFR.org website to learn more!

Our Partners

We partner with There Is Hope, a Christian humanitarian and development agency established by a former refugee, Innocent Magambi.

We also partner with refugee churches in Dzaleka, seeking to partner with them in pursuing some of the things God has put on their heart to do.

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