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IAFR is Providing Shelter for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in athens.

The Need

Shelter is a critical need for refugees and asylum seekers in the Athens area, where camps are overcrowded and available rentals difficult to secure. Refugees can find themselves suddenly homeless, families with children facing a night on the street. While there are options including camps and apartments owned by various aid organizations, these options are limited and sometimes dangerous. There is also much prejudice against refugees in Athens, so even those who are able to afford it struggle to find anyone willing to rent to them.

The Strategy

IAFR partners with One Heart, a Greek agency providing assistance to refugees in the greater Athens area. We have two missionaries serving with One Heart, and we are a financial partner supporting this important work.

One Heart has purchased apartments where refugees can stay for a limited amount of time. As funds become available, One Heart will continue to search for moderately sized apartments in central Athens, where several families or a group of single men or women could stay.

The Goal

One Heart will focus on housing refugees with whom the team already has a relationship, particularly those who regularly attend the Farsi church that meets in the One Heart building. They will offer temporary assistance to those who have been able to apply for asylum but are not yet able to rent their own apartment.

The Opportunity

You can help provide necessary shelter to refugee women, men and children by donating to this project fund.  Simply click the red Donate button above.


As of May 2020, One Heart owns two apartments to house refugees.

Rent assistance is also offered to several others who have been able to lease their own apartments.

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One Heart

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