Athens Medical Outreach

Helping people survive and recover from forced displacement

IAFR ASSISTs refugees and asylum seekers in athens WITH MEDICAL CARE.
A medical appointment with a refugee in Athens

The Need

Asylum seekers and refugees in Athens often find it difficult to access basic medical care. Their long journey to Greece from distant war zones and oppression is filled with danger. They are often exposed to abuse, disease, malnutrition, contaminated water as well as to prolonged stress and uncertainty. Once in Greece, they find the medical system overburdened and refugees overlooked. Life in camps and overcrowded apartments includes heightened vulnerabilities and more uncertainty and stress.

Location Served

The Strategy

IAFR partners with One Heart, a Greek agency providing medical clinics and assistance for refugees and asylum seekers in the greater Athens area.

We have two missionaries serving with One Heart. We are also privileged to serve as a financial partner supporting this important work.

The Goal

This is an on-going project through which we are making sure that refugees and asylum seekers in the greater Athens region have access to the medical care they need, including checkups, lab tests medications, necessary procedures and translation.

The Opportunity

If you are a medical professional interested in serving refugees and asylum seekers in Athens, please let us know and we will explore the possibilities. Just click the blue button below.

You can offer life preserving assistance to forcibly displaced women, children and men in Athens by donating to this project fund. Simply click the red Donate button above.


Each year, thanks to generous partners, One Heart organizes hundreds of appointments with doctors, pays for laboratory tests, and arranges procedures for refugees in the greater Athens area.

IAFR is also helping One Heart remodel their new Refugee Center in downtown Athens in which the Medical Outreach Clinic is now hosted.

Strategic Partner

One Heart (Greece)

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