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Helping people survive and recover from forced displacement

IAFR sponsors Forcibly Displaced Girls through High School.

Covid-19 Update - Due to repeated national lockdowns in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, schools across Kenya were closed. When classes moved online, an IAFR partner (National Presbyterian Church) made it possible for us to provide each girl with a smart tablet so they could continue with their studies from Kakuma. We are presently assessing how the lockdown will affect their overall progress.

The Need

The UN reports that only 23% of refugee adolescents go to school. This is not because they don't want to go to school. The primary barrier is cost (e.g. school fees, uniforms, books, transportation, etc.). The need is greatest among refugee girls. In Kenya, there are only 4 refugee girls enrolled in secondary school for every 10 refugee boys. [Click here for more related information]

In 2018, National Presbyterian Church (Washington, D.C.) initiated a partnership with IAFR to begin this scholarship program by commiting to sponsoring 5 forcibly displaced girls in Kakuma, Kenya.

In close consultation with National Council of Churches Kenya (NCCK), our primary partner in Kakuma, IAFR met with Windle International Kenya ( (NCCK), our primary partner in Kakuma, IAFR met with Windle International Kenya (WIK), a NGO serving refugees in Kakuma that specializes in refugee education. Together we identified three girls from the refugee camp (South Sudanese, Congolese and Burundian) and two girls from the IDP camp as the first scholarship recipients. They began high school in 2019.

The Strategy

We are partnering with Windle International Kenya, an NGO in Kakuma with lots of experience and systems in place to facilitate the refugee scholarship program.

NCCK, our primary NGO partner agency in Kakuma is assisting IAFR with logistics and monitoring of the scholarship program.

The Goal

The cost of sponsoring 1 refugee through four years of secondary boarding school in Kenya is $16,000 (i.e. $4,00/year including tuition, travel, medical, books, travel, allowance and monitoring).

The need for scholarships is great and we are committed to sponsoring refugee girls through high school as we are able.

We need $11,600 to provide the next scholarship.

The Opportunity

We encourage you, your church or small group to consider changing the life of a girl in Kakuma through a secondary school scholarship of $16,000 ($4,000/year).

Donations can be made online (click the red button above) or visit the Donate page for other ways to give.


IAFR is presently sponsoring five forcibly displaced girls through boarding school in Kenya. They are due to graduate in 12/2022. We anticipate several of them will graduate in the top of their class.

We will begin sponsoring our 6th refugee girl through high school in the coming school year (beginning 1/2023).

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