Refugee church buildings

Helping people survive and recover from forced displacement

IAFR is helping refugee churches construct suitable buildings for worship and ministry.

The Need

Refugee churches play a unique and vital role in helping people survive and recover from forced displacement. But they often struggle to find safe spaces in which to gather for worship, fellowship, prayer and various ministries.

Without a church building, they are significantly limited in their ability to provide spiritual, social, emotional and physical care for their congregations and for their fellow refugees.

As refugees are often located in places with inhospitable conditions, their churches often fall into disrepair as roofing is blown away, termites destroy wooden beams, rains washout mud walls, etc.

This project fund makes it possible for us to respond to refugee church building needs quickly.

The Strategy

As funding permits, we assist refugee churches with building church structures or repairing existing buildings. Refugee church leaders in each ministry location determine which churches are in need and ready for such construction work.

The Goal

We hope to assist with the costs of building and/or repairing at least 6 refugee church buildings annually (averaging 1 building every 2 months).

In most cases, refugees are happy and able to do the work of building - they often only need help purchasing building materials.

The cost of building/repairing church structures varies greatly from context to context.

The Opportunity

People like you can partner with God in answering the prayers of our forcibly displaced brothers and sisters by giving to the "Refugee Church Building Project".


IAFR has supported 43 refugee church building projects, of which 2 have been in 2021 so far.

Locations Served

Strategic Partners

  • United Refugee & Host Churches (Kakuma)
  • Dzaleka Church Union
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