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IAFR is Providing badly needed bibles for refugees in languages that they understand.

The Need

The Bible is an indispensable source of truth, perspective, comfort, hope and direction to those who follow Jesus. But few Christians in the refugee camps we serve have access to a Bible as the provision of Scriptures is not within the mandate of the humanitarian agencies serving them. The need for Scripture is great, especially in times of tremendous loss and prolonged uncertainty and suffering.

The Strategy

If Christians and churches don't help meet this need, who will? We are asking churches to encourage people within their communities to gift a Bible to a refugee household.

Locations Served

The Goal

As the camps continues to grow and as Bible's wear out over time, we anticipate that there will always be a need to assist our displaced brothers and sisters with Bibles. We hope to provide 1,000 Bibles/year in the major languages of the refugee camps.

Priority languages presently include Swahili, English, French, Dinka Bor, Nuer, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Arabic, Amharic, Moro, and Turkana.

The Opportunity

Every donation of US$ 17 designated to the "Bibles for Refugees" project will gift a Bible to a refugee household. The Bibles will strengthen their faith and your gift will let them know that they are not forgotten by the church at large.

The cost includes shipping to Kakuma, which is a difficult 450 mile journey from Nairobi.


21,353 Bibles have been delivered to refugees as of 9/2022.

Strategic & Financial Partners

  • United Host & Refugee Churches (Kakuma)

Listen to this refugee pastor from South Sudan share how much it means to have a Bible in his own language.

"When you have a Bible, you are at home."

You can put a Bible into the hands of a refugee for just $16.

Filmed in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya.
Duration: 90 seconds

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