Helping people survive and recover from forced displacement

Explore the diverse ministry locations and projects of IAFR to find one that resonates with you and through which you can join with us to help people survive and recover from forced displacement.


We are establishing long-term ministries in diverse locations along the well-worn routes people travel in their search for safety. Click on a ministry location to learn more about it and to explore how you might get involved,


IAFR has a growing number of missionaries recognized to have expertise in a specific area of ministry. They offer their expertise to both our IAFR ministry locations and to churches and agencies seeking out their support. Click on a ministry specialty to learn more about it and to explore how you might get involved,


We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions to many of life's challenges, so we don't do the same thing everywhere we serve. We do believe in highly contextualized responses that fill strategic gaps and strengthen the well-being, resilience and fortitude of our forcibly displaced friends. Every project is an opportunity for you to partner with us and help people survive and recover from forced displacement.

Completed Projects

Below is a listing of some of our past projects that have helped people survive and recover from forced displacement and advocate on their behalf.

  • Refugee Mill Project (2011). Provision of diesel powered mills to a refugee church as an income-generation solution.
  • Emergency Food Assistance (2013) to offset a severe drop in rations in Dzaleka refugee camp, Malawi.
  • URHC Documentation Project (2014). We partnered with the Humanitarian Disaster Institute to document how a diverse association of refugee churches in Kakuma refugee camp contributed to security, peacekeeping, and social cohesion.
  • Refugee for Life (2016). We helped Innocent Magambi, a former refugee from Burundi, write a book telling his story and sharing his reflections on helpful practices when serving refugees.
  • Laptops for Refugee Church Leaders (2017). We provided 3 laptops to the leaders of United Refugee and Host Churches, an association of diverse churches in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya.
  • IDP Poultry Project (2017). We built a poultry facility in Turkana West IDP Camp to increase the productivity of a grassroots co-op of women. Kakuma, Kenya.
  • Trauma Care Training (2018). We enabled the Humanitarian Disaster Institute to provide basic trauma care training to over 25 refugee church leaders in Kakuma refugee camp.
  • KISOM Building (2019). We completed phase one of building of the Kakuma Interdenominational School of Mission (KISOM) in Kakuma, Kenya. KISOM is a refugee led training center equipping pastors and church leaders for ministry.
  • Emergency Food & Hygiene Assistance (2021). We provided emergency food and soap assistance to empower refugee churches to care for refugee and host communities in Dzaleka and Kakuma refugee camps during the Covid pandemic.
  • Ebenezer Academy Building (2021). We completed phase 1 of helping refugees build an elementary school in Dzaleka refugee camp, Malawi.
  • Kakuma Water Project (2021). We drilled a borehole, installed a solar powered pump, and piped water to an IAFR funded water kiosk over 4 miles away that is now providing potable water to people who previously had no access to a local supply of clean water. Kakuma, Kenya.
  • Lille Centre Project (2023). We established a Welcome Centre for asylum seekers and refugees in a local church. The on-going ministry at the centre is now funded through the Lille Location Fund.

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