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Beyond Shelter

September 9, 2021

Inside Jonathan House

Asylum seekers in the US don't have it easy.

Did you know that asylum seekers in the USA are not permitted to work or access social services for their first 12 months? It’s little wonder that one of their most pressing needs is for safe housing.

Jonathan House is here to help.

IAFR established our Jonathan House ministry to help meet this need of asylum seekers in the Twin Cities. Most guests stay with us for 1-2 years before they are able to move on. Our present two houses are always full, so we’re presently working with a local church to open a third house.

Beyond shelter and practical assistance

Because safe and supportive relationships are every bit as important to recovery from forced displacement as is a roof over their heads, Jonathan House offers friendship and welcoming community to our displaced friends.

But I would be wrong to give you the impression that we are givers and our guests are takers. SJ Holsteen, IAFR Ministry Leader in Minneapolis/St. Paul, recently shared something that makes this clear.

"A woman who had lived in Jonathan House shared with me how she was struggling mentally and emotionally. She said that it would be helpful if we could meet daily together to read Scripture and pray into it. I have found our fellowship together before God’s throne has been as important and sustaining for me as it is for her. Once again, I am reminded that the strength of our ministry is not in offering solutions to all our displaced friends’ needs, but to come together before God in our shared humility and receive strength and grace from Jesus."

Mutual blessing

While we do what we can to help our displaced friends, we know that they also have much to offer us. And so we find that we mutually bless one another.

Shelter, safe and supportive relationships, emotional well-being, and life-giving faith – these are all core to what we do at Jonathan House – and every other IAFR ministry location.

You can partner with Jonathan House!

You can help provide safe shelter, practical help, and supportive community for those who have come to the Twin Cities seeking refuge from war, persecution, and gross violations of human rights. We invite you to partner with Jonathan House today.

Give Today!

Do you want to learn more? Visit the Jonathan House blog by clicking below.

- Tom Albinson with SJ Holsteen

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