Kenya Water Project

 helping people survive forced displacement by providing water


We are working to provide a sustainable source of water for 4,500 people living in the Kenyan village of Canaan, formerly known as Turkana West IDP Camp (IDP = Internally Displaced Persons).

Need: While visiting Kakuma refugee camp (Kenya), refugee church leaders took us outside of the camp to a settlement of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) near Kakuma town. An estimated 3,000 men, women and children settled in this IDP camp after fleeing their homes during post election violence in 2007. In the following years, many have married and had children, increasing the population to 4,500 today. Uprooted in their own country, they have nowhere else to go.

The IDP camp has no water local supply. The people (mostly women and children) have to walk several miles under the burning sun to fetch water in plastic jerry cans. Not only is it hard work, it is also dangerous.

The refugees told us that the IDP are even worse off than they are. For unlike the refugees in Kakuma camp, who receive assistance from humanitarian agencies, the IDP have no one commited to helping them meet their basic needs for water, food and shelter.

Goal:  We teamed up with the National Council of Churches, Kenya (NCCK), to raise $135,000 to drill a well and purchase a water pump, piping, a reservoir (water tank), borehole cover and security fencing. The cost is high due to the terrain and lack of water in the area. Water will need to be pumped from a borehole several miles away from the IDP camp.

Strategy: We are partnering with National Council of Churches, Kenya (NCCK), as their team in Kakuma has the required technical capacity for the project. We set the project into motion in 2018, trusting God for the resources to complete it by the end of 2020.

Opportunity: We thank God for moving our generous partners to meet the project's financial goal! By you can still help by praying with our displaced friends so that they finally get water in the first half of 2020! The project has run into countless challenges, including 3 failed drillings. So please pray with us as we are pursuing a promising fourth borehole! Funding received by IAFR for this project is sent to NCCK. Their staff is prividing direct oversight of its implementation.

Funding still needed: $0.00

Project Partner: National Council of Churches, Kenya



The first borehole struck water at 110 meters. We are optimistic that the water quality will be good. We are now working on pumping and piping the water about 4 miles across semi desert to the IDP camp. We anticipate the project will be completed by early 2020.

Next steps:

  1. Install the solar pump.
  2. Lay the pipes (4 miles).
  3. Erect the reservoir tank.

2019 02 albinson kinyua at borehole

Above: IAFR's Tom Albinson with NCCK's Wilson Kinyua at the borehole in 2/2019.

Watch this interview with Wilson Kinyua at the "miracle borehole" site to learn more!

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