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Refugee Education

May 14, 2021

Refugee girls in school (Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya)
Schooling is one of the great challenges facing people in refugee camps.

Schools are short on everything. There are not enough classrooms, books, or even teachers. In Kakuma refugee camp (Kenya), it is not uncommon to find a class overflowing with 200 children – most without pens, paper, or access to textbooks. Teachers must make do with a little chalk and damaged blackboards. Many teachers are refugees themselves. Few have a teaching degree.

A special challenge for girls

The situation is especially challenging for girls as they are often expected to take care of their siblings – and possibly their neighbor’s kids too. Girls are often responsible for cooking for their whole family. And they are also the ones expected to fetch water and collect food rations. With all these expectations, few have time for school. It is little wonder that many more boys graduate from high school than girls.

Many are getting left behind

There need is great to find solutions to these challenges so that displaced girls are not left behind when it comes to getting a basic education.

Failure to complete school severely limits their future possibilities in life. Many resort to marriage at a young age in order to survive.

Imagine the disadvantages they face should they ever be among the lucky ones who are able to return to their country of origin – or get resettled to another country like the USA.

The five scholarship recipients receiving their smart tablets in Kakuma
A Life Transforming Partnership with a US Church

A couple of years ago, National Presbyterian Church (NPC) in Washington D.C. asked IAFR if we could partner together to sponsor five girls in Kakuma through high school. We were eager to do so. As a result, these girls are attending quality boarding schools in Kenya today (photo)!

Overcoming the Challenges of Covid-19

Like everywhere else, the Covid pandemic threw a brick into the past school year. Our partnership with NPC made it possible for us to provide each girl with a smart tablet, internet access, and a solar lamp that can also charge their tablets. These things have helped the girls keep up with their studies in spite of their schools being closed for nine months this year. Although they face a multitude of challenges in life, all five girls are progressing well.

A related story from Christianity Today

IAFR staff frequently contributes to The Better Samaritan, a blog produced by Christianity Today. Click here to read a brief interview with two refugees about the challenges of schooling in Kakuma.

Help a refugee girl through High School!

Wouldn't it be great to help more refugee girls get a quality high school education?

You can help. It costs a total of $9,100 to put one girl through four years of high school. This includes tuition, room and board, transportation, and all other related expenses.

Perhaps you or your church want to help sponsor the next girl?


Click here to learn more about this refugee scholarship program.

- Tom Albinson

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