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Urgent: Medicine for Refugees!

September 23, 2021

Patients line up at the Dzaleka refugee camp Health Centre

There is a serious shortage of medicine in Dzaleka refugee camp.

Imagine being a pregnant refugee needing medical care. Or perhaps a refugee child or adult suffering from malaria, diabetes, typhoid, cancer, a heart condition, migraines, pneumonia, a serious injury, or another common medical need.

Now imagine that your health clinic does not have the medications you need.

For those of us living in the US and other industrialized nations, that may be difficult to imagine. But for the women, children, and men in Dzaleka refugee camp this is a frightening reality.

You can help provide 12,000 refugees with needed medicines.

The head officer at the Dzaleka refugee camp Health Center in Malawi says that their biggest challenge is having enough medicine on hand to care for the health needs of the refugees and people in the surrounding host community.

We've helped with this need in the past. It is time to do so again.

$5,000 will ship $200,000 worth of medicine.

It costs us $10,000 to ship medicine from Canada to the refugee camp. We already have $5,000 toward the next shipment. So once we receive another $5,000, we will be able to send $200,000 worth of needed medicine to Dzaleka.

This shipment will make it possible to care for the pregnant, the sick, and the injured. It will no doubt save lives. Many of those served will include our brothers and sisters from the refugee churches.

Financial partners and an international network make it possible.

We make sure that the medicine we send is the medicine most needed by consulting with the Dzaleka Health Centre. They identify for us what medicines are most urgently needed.

A previous IAFR shipment of medicine arrives at the Dzaleka Health Clinic
How it works.

We are able to get the valuable medicine through our partnership with Health Partners International Canada. Together with our sister organisation, IAFR Canada, we coordinate the logistics of the shipment with our Malawian partner, There Is Hope.

There Is Hope works together with the Malawian Ministry of Health and the United Nations office in Malawi to facilitate getting the medications to the Health Centre in Dzaleka refugee camp.

As you can see, it takes an international network along with partners like yourself to make this happen.

The goal: To make the shipment by 15 November 2021.

You can help provide badly needed medicines to our friends in Dzaleka refugee camp. Every gift counts. Please pray with us that God will meet this need. And if you have the means to help, consider partnering with us by making a contribution today.

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Click here to learn more about our work in Dzaleka refugee camp.

- Tom Albinson with Jacob Tornga

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