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Update! Medicine for Refugees

November 11, 2021

Photo from an earlier IAFR shipment of medications to the Dzaleka Health Clinic

We have some good news for you today!

Thanks to our generous financial partners, we will be shipping a couple of pallets to the Medical Clinic in Dzaleka refugee camp next week! They should clear customs and reach the clinic in early December!

Thanks to our partnership with International Health Partners Canada, the shipment will include $200,000 worth of medications - but all we needed to do is cover the shipping costs and work out the logistics. It takes a village to make this happen and we are thankful for our partners, IAFR Canada and There Is Hope Malawi as we work out the logistics together with help from Malawian Health officials and UNHCR.

The medications will meet the need of 12,000 refugees!

The medicines contained in the shipment are determined by the Director of the Health Clinic in Dzaleka. They will help people suffering from malaria, stomach issues, heart conditions, pneumonia, migraines, etc. Medicines to care for pregnant mothers and newborn babies are also included.

On September 23, we posted an urgent request to help cover the costs of making this shipment. We are grateful to tell you that we now have what we need to send off this life-giving shipment.

Thank You!

Many thanks to everyone who prayed with us and for every financial partner who made this shipment possible!

- Tom Albinson with Jake Tornga

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