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Strengthening the Refugee Church

June 4, 2021

A refugee pastor in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya

Refugee pastors carry a heavy load.

Refugee pastors shepherd entire congregations of traumatized people who are far from home.

Our uprooted brothers and sisters have suffered great loss. Uncertainty hangs over their daily lives as governments and humanitarian agencies decide where they live, what they eat, and where they will eventually end up on the planet.

This is also true of refugee pastors and their families. And yet they choose to shepherd their faith communities through these challenges and work to keep hope alive.

They minister in one of the most difficult contexts imaginable and yet have little (if any) access to training opportunities to better equip them to care for their people.

IAFR is equipping refugee church leaders.

Theological Training
Dr. Kalantzis teaching theology in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya

That’s why we have been partnering with Dr. George Kalantzis of Wheaton College (IL) for the past 5 years bringing theological training to church leaders in Kakuma refugee camp (Kenya). We're planning another training intensive in October 2021.

Trauma Care Training
Trauma Care Training by the Humanitarian Disaster Institute in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya

And that’s why we brought the Humanitarian Disaster Institute of Wheaton College to Kakuma refugee camp. HDI provided trauma care training to refugee church leaders for several years in a row.

And that’s why we are partnering with SIL International today as we bring trauma care training to refugee church leaders in Dzaleka refugee camp (Malawi) and to refugee pastors in Ethiopian camps near the border of Eritrea.

Peace and Reconciliation Training

And that’s why we are now partnering with the East Africa School of Reconciliation for Peace Practitioners (EASOR) to send five pastors from Kakuma to a training conference on peace and reconciliation next month (7-19 July).

This is yet another way we can strengthen the refugee church and equip her to more effectively promote peace and reconciliation within the refugee camp - and ultimately in their homelands.

We are thankful to Tyndale House Foundation and Dr. David Boan (World Evangelical Alliance) for partnering with us to make it possible for these pastors to participate in this upcoming conference!

IAFR is strengthening the Refugee Church.

- Tom Albinson

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