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Medicine for Dzaleka

September 6, 2023

A previous medical shipment arrives in Dzaleka refugee camp, Malawi

We're preparing to make another shipment of medicine to the medical clinic in Dzaleka refugee camp. Each shipment serves 12,000 people. Let me tell you more...

There is no help for my eyes.

I still remember the first time I visited Dzaleka Refugee Camp. It was the summer of 2010. I spent the day with a refugee Pastor as he led me on a walk through the camp.

After about an hour in the hot sun, we stopped in front of a sign that said “Dzaleka Health Centre.” There was a long silence.

Then my friend looked at me and said,

I have a problem with my eyes. The dust in this place is too much. But the only thing they can do is give me Tylenol. I know it's not the doctor’s fault; they just don’t have enough medicines to go around."

Not Enough Medicine To Go Around

For many of our refugee friends, this is one of the defining realities of being stuck in a camp or urban center along the refugee highway. The lack of medical care and supplies is a daily occurrence they cannot escape despite medical providers, government, and aid groups, including IAFR, investing in ongoing combined efforts to respond to the desperate need.

The growing number of displaced people around the world has stretched every system that currently exists to help care for those who have lost everything due to war, violence, and persecution. For many who walk the refugee highway today, their needs continue to go unmet because no further help is available.

Inside the Dzaleka refugee camp Medical Clinic

Sending Hope To Malawi

In this place of need, we do our best to bring hope as we continue to work with others to do what we can to help. For three years, we have partnered with Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC), There Is Hope Malawi, the UNHCR, and the Malawi Ministry of Health to get four shipments of much-needed medical supplies to the Dzaleka Health Centre.

We estimate each shipment serves 12,000 patients. And with each shipment, we can target new health needs and tailor our work to the conditions on the ground. As one doctor at the health centre noted on a previous shipment,

It is good that this donation targeted certain issues such as management of childhood illnesses, non-communicable disease management, antenatal delivery, postnatal care, as well as general health service delivery."

You Can Help!

We plan to send another shipment to Malawi in October of this year. CLICK HERE to learn more about this project.

The medicines we send are donated, but we still need to cover the cost of shipping them to Malawi. CLICK HERE now to help make the next shipment possible!

Learn More About Our Work in Dzaleka.

- Jacob Tornga with Rachael Lofgren

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