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Let's Build a Refugee School

March 5, 2021

Building Ebenezer Academy in Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Malawi
Around 50,000 refugees are in Dzaleka refugee camp today.

It is for good reason that Malawi is known to be the warm heart of Africa – in spite of the fact that it is among the world’s poorest countries. Yet Malawi has not let its economic challenges serve as an excuse to refuse refuge to people fleeing war, persecution, and gross violations of human rights. Malawi hosts around 50,000 refugees in Dzaleka refugee camp today.

Refugee children are falling behind in school.

IAFR has been partnering with refugee churches in Dzaleka since 2009. They have often shared their concern that their children are falling behind when it comes to education. So they have come up with a compelling solution to overcome the severe lack of educational resources, teachers, and adequate facilities.

They are building a school.

We are partnering with them to build Ebenezer Academy – a school situated on the edge of the refugee camp. Once in session, the school will help prevent both refugee and local Malawian children from falling behind in their education.

We anticipate children filling classrooms later this year!

The work has already begun! Hearts are encouraged as we anticipate children filling classrooms later this year!

Our refugee partners are doing the heavy lifting as they contribute their resources, skills, and effort. We are helping them cover the costs of building materials. We have already raised half of the funding needed to complete the project.

We are now asking people like you to help provide the remaining $15,000 needed so that school can open this fall.

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We are deeply grateful to everyone who has joined with us in making sure these kids don't fall behind in their education!

It is our joy to get behind the solutions of our refugee partners!

We are grateful to our many friends who partner with us in prayer and through financial support. It is because of you that we are able to show up in the lives of our displaced friends in life-giving ways.

When you partner with IAFR, you are meeting critical needs, strengthening hope, and re-humanizing our refugee friends. Your support is a tangible sign to them that they are not forgotten and that God hears and sees and cares for them.

Many thanks to our faithful and generous financial partners who make it possible for our team to show up in the lives of refugees and asylum seekers every day!

- Tom Albinson with Tim Barnes

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