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Let there be WATER!

December 11, 2020

After five years of trying to drill a suitable well in the semi-desert of Kakuma, Kenya, we are soooo happy to share this video showing the joy of success at last! The water quality appears to be excellent. The well seems to have high yield.

Plenty of work remains to be done. A solar pump and miles of pipe will be built to channel the flow into a local reservoir. The water will then be pumped out to the community of 4,000 internally displaced people in an IDP camp near town. We will then build "kiosks" - small buildings offering taps from which people can access the water.

Our friends have prayed for water ever since they were forced to flee their homes due to post election violence back in 2007-2008. They have not had a local source of clean water. But this will soon change.

Many thanks to our generous financial partners who have made this project possible. Lives will be changed. Health will improve as the people finally have access to clean water. The women and children there will no longer need to make the multi-mile walk in search of water elsewhere. The people will know that God sees and hears and cares for them.

What a joy to participate with God in his answer to their prayers!

The Kenya Water Project has gone through some changes since it was launched in 2012. Click here for the latest update and learn how our prayers are being answered as the IDP will soon have water - and how God is doing more than we imagined back at the start!

- Tom Albinson

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