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Diversity makes us better!

May 28, 2021

IAFR missionaries and partners from Iraq, Burundi, and the USA.
When it comes to accomplishing our mission in the world, diversity is a necessity.

We are thankful to have IAFR teammates from Albania, Burundi, the Philippines, and Somalia on our staff today! Their life experience and cultural upbringing enrich our team and widen our perspective.

But we need to further develop the diversity of our team. That’s why we are working to identify and remove obstacles that stand in the way of underrepresented people groups interested in serving with IAFR.

Our vision of becoming an increasingly diverse team of missionaries gets me pretty excited for many reasons. Here are a few of them.

The body of Christ is spectacularly diverse.

As we serve people from countless ethnic backgrounds, we want to increasingly reflect the rich variety of people found within the body of Christ. We want the people we serve to see in us that the kingdom of God embraces and transcends all ethnic and national identities.

The Mission belongs to everyone.

The mission of the church began with Jews and quickly included Greeks. As the Church continued to spread across the world, people of all cultures and colors joined in furthering the kingdom of God together.

We believe that is God’s intention. Everyone is invited and expected to partner with God in the renewal of all things. As we pursue our part in God’s mission, we want our team to reflect this reality.

Christians of European descent are over represented in missions.

We recognize that IAFR was born in a historical stream of missions that has been predominantly driven by and made up of missionaries of European descent. We see this as a limitation and handicap. We are working to break out of these confining boundaries.

The IAFR Diversity Fund

IAFR's Tom Albinson (USA) and Pastor Gatera (Burundi)
We need your help!

Recognizing the special challenges that our missionary support raising model presents for many underrepresented people groups, the IAFR Diversity Fund provides financial assistance to supplement their support raising efforts.

CLICK HERE to Invest in Diversity now!

We are thankful for every investment into the ongoing diversification of the IAFR team!

- Tom Albinson

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