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A School for Dzaleka

August 12, 2020

Did you know there are approximately 18,000 school aged children in Dzaleka Refugee Camp, but there is only space for 4,269 students to attend school? The education needs refugee children face is startling. Continued education from primary to secondary school protects young people from forced recruitment into armed groups, as well as limiting child labor, sexual exploitation, and child marriage. The classroom offers a place of safety, where children and youth build the hope, knowledge, and skills they need to live productive and independent lives. Additionally, school is a place where children from different tribes and nations learn to understand their shared humanity and see the dignity in all people. 

This is why IAFR is seeking to raise money to build Ebenezer Academy. 

Ebenezer Academy is the vision of a group of refugee leaders to address the challenge of education in Dzaleka Refugee Camp. The education needs are overwhelming, but our refugee friends refuse to give up as they unwaveringly believe this problem is solvable. 

Would you consider giving a tax-deductible donation to help build Ebenezer Academy? 

You can give directly at the link below:

Ebenezer Academy - Dzaleka


-Shelby Deeter

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