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A Herd of Buffalo

February 11, 2021

A herd of new Buffalo Bicycles arrives in Kakuma, Kenya

Refugee churches play a critical role in keeping hope alive in places like Kakuma refugee camp. That's why we partner directly with them. Instead of bringing our solutions to the challenges they face, we listen to them and get behind their solutions.

One of the challenges facing refugee pastors is that of mobility.

Getting around in a large refugee camp like Kakuma is anything but easy. Most people have no choice but to rely on their feet for transportation. The camp covers 12 square miles and has a population of nearly 200,000. The semi desert climate is brutal. Temperatures often exceed 100 F. The vegetation offers little shade in which to take refuge from the hot sun.

This creates a daily challenge for refugee pastors as they shepherd the people in their churches.

They asked if we could help provide bicycles for pastors so that they could better serve their churches and the surrounding community. They specifically asked us to help them buy Kenyan "Buffalo" bicycles as they are made to handle the extreme terrain of Kakuma.

A donation of $275 to our Kakuma Location Fund is enough to provide 1 Buffalo bike.

We brought this need to our financial partners. Two US churches have responded, making it possible to provide a total of 24 bicycles so far!

The bikes not only support pastoral ministry. They serve as a tangible sign that our displaced brothers and sisters are not forgotten by the church-at-large.

What a beautiful way for churches in the US to partner with refugee churches in Africa!

By supplying pastors with bicycles, we are helping them better serve their communities and thereby strengthening faith, hope and resilience in the camp.

Of course, none of this could happen without our generous financial partners and those who stand with us in prayer!

A refugee church in prayer in Kakuma refugee camp

When you partner with IAFR, you are meeting critical needs, strengthening hope, and re-humanizing our refugee friends. Your support is a tangible sign to them that they are not forgotten and that God hears and sees and cares for them.

Many thanks to our faithful and generous financial partners who make it possible for our team to show up in the lives of refugees and asylum seekers every day!

- Tom Albinson

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