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Ebenezer Academy Project Update

August 6, 2021

Ensuring all children have the opportunity for elementary and high school education is one of the ongoing challenges in any refugee camp. Limited classroom space and materials, student to teacher ratios that keep rising, students coming from multiple different language background…these are just some of the challenges educators face in this context. Yet in the face of these challenges, many individuals and organizations from the NGO community, local governments, faith communities, and more do an incredible job coming together to help ensure that every refugee child does not miss out on this critical opportunity for their future.

As we have shared before, IAFR is partnering with a group of refugee and Malawian educators and community leaders to help solve some of these challenges in Dzaleka Camp through the Ebenezer Academy project. We are excited about the progress being made on the first set of classrooms, and we continue to be inspired by the vision of these teachers to bring hope and a safe place to learn to children in the community. You can learn more about this project here.

- Jake Tornga

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IAFR has been serving people in Dzaleka Refugee Camp since 2009. About 50,000 people (mostly women and children) have found temporary refuge here from war, persecution, and gross violations of human rights.

We visit Dzaleka 2-3 times annually, during which time this blog is most active.

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We partner with There Is Hope - a local Christian agency founded by a former refugee serving people in the camp and surrounding host community. We also partner directly with refugee churches in the camp.

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