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Intro to the Highway (New!)

This 6 minute video overview of refugee realities along with biblical perspective has a brand new original soundtrack that captures the heart behind the presentation.

Many thanks to David Flavin for sharing his time and creativity to write and record this music for this purpose at no cost!

Why not click "Play" now and sit back and soak it in?

Refugee FAQ (2019)

2019 06 20 FAQ image 500x

The 2019 Refugee Realities FAQ is finally here! This 2 sided Q & A will quickly acquaint you with the latest overview concerning refugees, asylum-seekers and internally displaced people - all people forced to flee their homes due to war, persecution, gross violations of human rights and failed states. Click the image to download a copy today!

Upcoming Webinar!

Theme: Overview of the Refugee Highway
: 25 June 2019
Time: 1:00 PM CDT (Chicago time)
Location: Online
Registration: Click here to register now!

Details:  This IAFR webinar will offer a global snapshot of the realities of refugees and others forced to flee their homes because of violence and hatred. Whether you're new to the topic of refugees and forcibly displaced people or just looking for a way to stay up to date, this webinar is for you.

Register today to join us for a one-hour session featuring Tom Albinson, Founder/President of IAFR and Ambassador for Refugees, Displaced and Stateless People for the World Evangelical Alliance.

A Time to Build!

Refugee Church Buildings - Before and After

The Kenya government opened the Kalobeyei Refugee Settlement in June 2016. It is located about 10 miles down the road from Kakuma refugee camp. About 40,000 refugees live there today.

Being a relatively new camp, Christian refugees are struggling to build suitable church buildings - a necessity as the harsh climate and terrain do not make it possible to meet safely outside.

At present, most of the churches in Kalobeyei look like the "today" photo above. As you can see, the heat, sand and winds quickly shred their simple structures.

When I met with local church leaders there in February, they asked if IAFR would partner with them to help build more durable church buildings. They proposed that we provide them with metal sheets. They will come up with the other building materials and build their churches.

100 metal sheets will build 1 refugee church. The cost per church = $1000.

A refugee church in prayer

Photo: A refugee church in prayer

Investing in life-giving faith and supportive community

Refugee churches are far more than buildings. They are communities of life-giving faith that play a critical role in helping people survive and recover from forced displacement.

Refugee church buildings serve as community hubs that buzz with activity throughout the week hosting worship services, prayer meetings, discipleship studies, choir practices, and programs for children, youth and women. They also serve as ministry centers through which the needs of orphans, widows, single moms, the elderly and chronically sick are met.

Refugee church buildings play a critical role in helping people survive and recover from forced displacement.

Thank You!

Our generous partners have already provided enough to provide metal sheets for 5 refugee church buildings! There are an estimated 45 refugee churches in Kalobeyei, of which most are in need of metal sheets.

Please pray with us that these churches will all have a suitable building before the end of 2019.

-by Tom Albinson, IAFR President

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