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Changing Lives, One Bite at a Time

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I love to cook so when I was looking for a way to connect with refugee women in my town, I knew that food was a good place to start.

One day I was visiting a young Syrian mother in her home. She was so busy in the kitchen that we could barely talk. In order to spend time together, I rolled up my sleeves and asked her to teach me how to cook her favorite food. I was blown away by her response. In an instant this young woman, lost in years of tragedy, came alive in an amazing way.

Since then I’ve cooked with many women of all ages from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. Regardless of what we prepare, the response from the time spend together is always the same… smiles, hugs, tears, laughing… joy!

It’s amazing how God uses the small things, like me and cooking, to make a big impact. But he does and I feel so privileged to be part of that.

If you’re interested in learning more about how cooking can help refugees thrive, visit We just published an amazing calendar with recipes you must try!

Grace + Peace,

I Am Every Asylum Seeker

I Am Every Asylum Seeker from IAFR on Vimeo.

This 4 minute video was produced by IAFR's team serving in Minneapolis/St. Paul. They have been assisting both refugees and asylum seekers in the Twin Cities for several years now.

We've discovered that many people appreciate help in understanding what it means to be an asylum seeker. This brief presentation is intended to help.

Jonathan House Fundraiser!

You’re invited!

Join us for an hour of stories, celebration, and HOPE as we reflect on our first year providing safe, stable housing to asylum seekers in the Twin Cities and share what's next for Jonathan House.

This is a free breakfast event and there is no financial commitment in attending. Attendees will have an opportunity to become a Friend of Jonathan House and donate toward our second site, scheduled to open Fall 2018.

Come and learn how Jonathan House is making a difference in individuals’ lives and how you can shelter hope for some of the 3,000 asylum seekers living in Minnesota.

In order to assure that we plan adequately for food and tables, please register by October 2. Click here to register now!

A Time to Withdraw

Photo: The IAFR Team (2018)

"Jesus withdrew with his disciples to the lake..." (Mark 3:7)

Most of the IAFR team was able to withdraw together this month for a time of worship, learning and rest. We carry heavy burdens and time away together is precious. Faith was deepened. Burdens were lifted. Friendships were strengthened. Hope was renewed.

It was especially encouraging to see the growing diversity of our team. Several of us know the refugee experience firsthand. Our countries of birth include Canada, Burundi, Iraq, the Philippines, Scotland, Somalia, South Africa, and the US. If everyone of our teammates had been able to make it to the conference, our diversity would have been even greater. It is a powerful testimony to the reality that faith in Jesus helps us transcend all other identities.

Top photo: Tim Barnes (Executive VP, IAFR US) leads a time of ministry training.

Bottom photo: We ended our conference by celebrating communion together on a beautiful evening in the Minnesota woods.

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