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Generosity in Uncertain Times

April 21, 2020
From the rooftop of the Athens Ministry Center

As we navigate these uncertain times together, we have heard from some who are eager to help protect those who were already vulnerable before the pandemic – like our friends who were forced to flee their homes prior to this crisis. For refugees, asylum seekers, and internally displaced people, current global health and economic challenges are having a devastating effect. Since we rely exclusively on private donations to do our work, your generosity will both provide much needed help and bring us great joy.

As you are able, here are three areas in which you can make a meaningful difference today.

Jonathan House (USA) – Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN

Jonathan House provides stable housing, personal capacity-building, and supportive community to asylum seekers, some of which are elderly and have pre-existing conditions that render them particularly vulnerable to illness. You can help provide safe shelter in the midst of this storm.

Dzaleka Refugee Camp (Malawi) – Dzaleka

You may have read of the need for handwashing stations in Dzaleka – we’ve already seen God provide some funds for soap and water and trust that he will continue to do so! Meanwhile, new people are fleeing their homes and arriving in Dzaleka even in the midst of the global pandemic because of ongoing conflicts in the region. Basic food supplies are also needed for new arrivals to the camp who must undergo a 14 day quarantine.

Athens (Greece) – Athens – One Heart

Asylum seekers and refugees living in camps in Greece struggle with basic access to medical care. Our team partners with local and international medical staff to meet critical health needs for women, children and men in their clinic. As many refugees face lock down and struggle with increased isolation and even fewer resources than normal, medical needs and costs are rising. Your gift can increase the capacity of our team to respond to needs right now.

Give today to help meet these needs through our website! Choose from the “Ministry Locations” section in the drop down list to direct your giving toward any of these needs.

Let's help these boys in Dzaleka refugee camp, Malawi!
-Shelby Deeter

Hand Washing

April 10, 2020
Let's protect these boys with access to soap in Dzaleka refugee camp
I cannot believe how many times a day I am washing my hands as we navigate our way through the Covid-19 pandemic. My hands must be thinking, ” C’mon, not again”.

But we have discovered the immense importance this holds in protecting ourselves and others from receiving or sharing this virus. Unfortunately in many places, such as refugee camps, soap and water are not so readily available. Something so impactful is often difficult to afford or attain.

As we take extraordinary steps to battle Covid-19 in our various countries, we have been asked by others what they can do to help refugees…people who are even more vulnerable to the virus due to living conditions and food insecurity. Working with our refugee church friends and on the ground partner, There Is Hope Malawi, we have come up with two ways to help the more than 40,000 people at Dzaleka Refugee Camp.

The first way is to help provide wash stations (water and soap) around the camp. $10 would provide a bucket and a packet of soaps for a month. We believe that wash stations will need to be available for 3-4 months.

The second way is to help provide food for new arrivals to the refugee camp. New arrivals are put in a 14 day quarantine away from others. They have no access to aid that is normally provided to all other refugees in Dzaleka Camp. $10 should provide food for one person for the 14 day quarantine period.

We know many in North America and other countries around the world are suffering job losses and financial hardship. But if you are in a place that you can help our refugee friends in Dzaleka, you can go here and select “Dzaleka” under Ministry Locations to give a gift toward our Covid-19 response.

We are in this together!!

-Tim Barnes

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