Helping people survive and recover from forced displacement

Our Mission

We are helping asylum-seekers and refugees recover from forced displacement and rebuild their lives in Atlanta.

Refugees are quite vulnerable when they are resettled to the USA. Their challenges are far from over as they need to learn the language, culture and systems of their new context. Together with local churches, we offer supportive community and generate fresh hope as we come alongside of our new neighbors and help them rebuild their lives.

We also raise awareness among churches concerning the challenges facing these new arrivals. We help local churches develop mutually beneficial relationships with refugees in their communities.

Ministry Context

In 2013, Georgia ranked seventh among states for the total number of refugees it had taken in over the previous six years. Refugees from Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq, Bhutan and some 40 other countries live in Clarkston and NE Atlanta. Since the early 1980s nearly 10,000 refugees have resettled in Clarkston to escape war, oppression and persecution. Clarkston has been described as the “Ellis Island of the South” and the most diverse square mile in America. The local high school boasts students from 54 countries speaking 47 different languages.

Sources: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution; “Future of Refugee Resettlement Uncertain in Georgia”, April 27, 2013, PBS: Mainstream USA and Clarkston High School

A Movement of Hope

Let’s make a difference together!

There are 68.5 million forcibly displaced children, women and men in the world - the highest number ever recorded. That's 1 in every 110 people alive today. Another 44,400 people are uprooted every day.

Three reasons why we refuse to lose hope.

First, God is alive and well along the refugee highway today. Second, Refugees are more than people in need. They are an important part of the solution. And third, God has begun a worldwide movement of his people to welcome and love refugees.

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Discover how you can help people survive and recover from forced displacement by providing them with shelter, water, Bibles, church buildings, schools, income-generation, specialized training and more!


Whether by joining the support team of one of our missionaries or by joining one of our teams yourself, you can show up in the lives of refugees. Explore the unique work of IAFR in Africa, Europe and North America.


Perhaps you want to serve refugees, but you're not sure where to begin. Or maybe you are already engaged in refugee ministry, but feel the need to be better equipped? We are here to help.

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