Persecution, violence and war have forcibly displaced over 65 million people in the world today.

The pain of their displacement impacts countries both near and far.

Often pitied, but rarely welcomed, refugees struggle to survive far from home.

The response to their need requires more than the services of emergency relief agencies. It requires long-term recovery work that serves to generate hope and help them rebuild their lives.

This is IAFR's strategic part in seeking the welfare and protection of forcibly displaced people in the world today.

UN Says Faith Crucial to Recovery

"...for the vast majority of uprooted people, there are few things as powerful as their faith in helping them cope with fear, loss, separation, and destitution. Faith is also central to hope and resilience.
Religion very often is key in enabling refugees to overcome their trauma, to make sense of their loss and to rebuild their lives from nothing. ...Faith provides a form of personal and collective support among victims that is crucial for their ability to recover from conflict and flight."

Mr. António Guterres, UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Quote from the High Commissioner's Dialogue of Protection - Theme: Faith and Protection

Our Mission

IAFR is an international Christian organisation that mobilises the church to seek the welfare of forcibly displaced people by meeting them on their journey, generating hope and helping them rebuild their lives.

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“When I met Tom Albinson, There is Hope was a vision that had not yet materialised. He showed great respect and treated me - a former refugee - as a peer.
IAFR offers skills, services and connections to support the development of our work. In all of their dealings with refugees, IAFR checks to make sure that their approach is relevant and appropriate for the cultural setting. It is an honour for me to partner with them.”

Innocent Magambi,
There Is Hope , Founder and President

IAFR is seeking the welfare of forcibly displaced people together with the church.